Mon, 18/01/2016 - 08:00
  • Study identifies top six ingredients for the perfect day for new Citroën campaign released on ‘Blue Monday’
  • One in two women said receiving a kiss would make their perfect day
  • 25-44 year olds like to start the day with a lie-in  

Notorious as a nation for being reserved, receiving a hug or a kiss from a loved one is the top ingredient for a perfect day, according to a new study.

The other elements of the perfect day include ‘having a lie-in’, ‘being smiled at’, ‘enjoying good food’ – and all on a ‘sunny day’.

Naturally, there are differences according to age. For 25-44 year olds, a ‘lie-in’ topped the list while 47 percent of over-55s said getting a smile from a stranger was uplifting.

The nationwide study*, commissioned for the launch of Citroën’s Perfect Day campaign and released on ‘Blue Monday’ aims to find out what things make the UK public happy.

The French manufacturer hopes that the campaign will encourage people to banish the January Blues and lift their spirits by planning their own Perfect Day whilst experiencing Citroën ownership with a 24-hour test drive.

Citroën toured the UK to find 12 of the happiest people around and to see what makes their Perfect Day, including the likes of a double amputee soldier, who at the age of 21 years old suffered catastrophic injuries from an IRA bomb. Despite spending six years in hospital, he overcame this horrific incident to become one of the world’s best skydivers and finds happiness in the freedom skydiving gives him to move in ways not possible on the ground.

To watch the video of Citroën’s perfect day, click here.

Overall, almost half of Britons (49 percent) admit that a hug is the best way to start the day. According to scientists, a hug releases the feel-good neurotransmitter oxytocin, also known as the bonding hormone**.

  Top 6 ingredients for the perfect day Female % Male %
1 Receiving a hug 58.61 39.80
2 Receiving a kiss from a loved one 50.79 41.82
3 Having a lie-in 50.20 40.20
4 Enjoying good food 48.42 37.37
5 A sunny day 47.92 35.05
6 Being smiled at 47.72 33.64

At number five on the list was a good dose of sunshine, while a simple smile – proven to lower stress, anxiety and improve the immune system*** - from a stranger completes the ingredients for a perfect day.

More than four in ten (43 percent) of respondents admitted that enjoying good food was a vital part of their ideal day.

And, despite the avalanche of New Year’s Resolutions about doing more exercise, just 8 percent of those surveyed said going to the gym would form part of their perfect day.

Citroën’s Perfect Day campaign portrays 12 unique individuals, who are all fuelled by their passion for sharing happiness with others. The short films include 2015 Britain’s Got Talent finalists, Old Men Grooving, alongside former soldier and double amputee Al Hogdson and dance aerobics instructor Maxine Jones.  In addition to the main film, 12 short films about each of the individuals can be found on the Citroën YouTube channel:

The majority of the Citroën range is available for 24-hour test drives; for more details on the campaign visit:


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*Citroën UK’s survey was conducted with 2,000 respondents and an equal gender split

  Top 6 ingredients for the perfect day Total percentages %
1 Receiving a hug 49.30
2 Receiving a kiss from a loved one 46.35
3 Having a lie-in 45.25
4 Enjoying good food 42.95
5 A sunny day 41.55
6 Being smiled at 40.75




The Citroën brand:

Citroën harnesses creative flair and technology to enhance well-being. Since 1919 Citroën has made a major contribution to putting cars within reach of the general public, providing practical and purposeful answers to thequestions arising in each era. Citroën cars today place a premium on design, comfort and useful technology. With 10,000 customer contact points and presence in over 90 countries, Citroën sold 1.2 million vehicles worldwide in 2015. The brand has also amassed eight manufacturers’ titles in the WRC and two Manufacturers’ FIA World Championship titles from the 2014 and 2015 WTCC seasons.